Black-Eyed Susan Contest

The Black-Eyed Susan Book Award is a children’s choice award for the state of Maryland. Each year since 1992, the B.E.S. Award has been given to authors and/or illustrators of outstanding books chosen for the award by Maryland students.

Students who read at least three Black Eyed Susan Nominees by April 2, 2020 are eligible to cast a vote in the Maryland Association of School Librarians’ B.E.S. Contest.

Listed below and book descriptions and the voting form that you’ll need to submit to Ms. Samay by April 9th with parent signatures. Copies of the B.E.S. books are available in our school library and some are available electronically in Destiny. 

Book Descriptions of 2019-20 Nominated Books
B.E.S. Voting Form   (Voting Form is Under Construction for 2019-20